Robotic Process Automation

Allow your Real People to do their Real Work.

One of the newer robotic process automation companies, ARTMAC, can assist with the integration of RPA, cognitive capture, mobility, engagement, and analytics to simplify installations and yield significant results that lower compliance risk and increase competitiveness, growth, and profitability.

Solutions for Your Business Using Custom RPA

Different methods are used by our solutions and methodologies to support, implement, and deploy the products. Experienced technologists, RPA consultants, and business analysts make up our implementation team. They collaborate with qualified RPA developers to make sure the solutions are in line with your organization’s objectives.

Cognitive Automation

using cognitive automation to automate both new and old data.

On-demand Bots

Our on-demand bot solutions offer the most flexible and cost-effective options.

Cloud Infrastructure

Robotic Process Automation provides cloud-based security-compliant solutions.

Enterprise Automation

Use enterprise solutions to strengthen and automate your company processes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Robotic process automation, however, is an automation system that carries out repeated tasks correctly. It is not artificial intelligence. However, RPA and AI can be combined to create intelligent automation solutions.

Robots that do routine, rule-based digital tasks are known as BOTs in RPA. They are not the kinds of robots you would see in factories or other workplaces. Instead, they are a workforce of software robots who perform monotonous, administrative jobs more quickly and accurately than humans.

RPA robots are capable of performing practically all tasks that humans perform. The bots can move files and directories, fill out forms, move login credentials, copy and paste data, extract structured and semi-structured data from documents, use web browsers, and more.

Signity serves the banking, finance, accounting, and technology sectors, but we are not limited to them.

Automation will result in cost savings of up to 55%, and we won’t begin any commercial engagement until we are sure that you have a strong business case.