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Do you want to adopt a quick-changing, technologically advanced healthcare ecosystem? Technology-driven solutions are used by ARTMAC, a leading health care app development company in Australia and India, to improve every aspect of healthcare, from clinic management and reduced operational costs to more effective patient treatment and diagnosis. Our healthcare app development helps hospital administration, doctors, patients, and pharmacists get around the limitations of the traditional face-to-face interaction model and smoothly transition to digital healthcare.

Would you like to adopt a dynamic, cutting-edge healthcare ecosystem? Leading health care software developer ARTMAC, based in Australia and India, uses technology-driven solutions to advance every facet of healthcare, from clinic management and lower operating costs to better patient treatment and diagnostics. Our healthcare app development enables hospital management, physicians, patients, and pharmacists to easily migrate to digital healthcare by getting around the constraints of the conventional face-to-face interaction model.

Core Features

Account Creation

Easy profile creation with social media or email login.

Regulates Meals

The user can easily add meals and keep track of every item.

Daily Progress

Keep a daily progress report updated with the current situation.

Social Sharing

The user enjoys posting on social media about their app-related goals and accomplishments.

Daily Summary

Plan accordingly by visualizing a thorough overview of the daily summary with graphs and data.


Improve user experience by meeting all of their individual needs and assisting them in reaching their fitness objectives.

Live Chat/Video

Improve the user experience by including live chat that can be connected to a nutritionist or dietician.

Pop Notification

Keep abreast of every development regarding the application. No one skips a workout.

Activity Log

Automatically keep track of the users’ activities, evaluate their performance, and adjust their goals.

Services We Offer

Web App

Web application that is user-friendly and mobile responsive that has features including an patient portal, appointment booking system, blog, healthcare content management system, review platform, and support desk.

Mobile App

A healthcare solution with many features, including consultations, activity tracking, secure payments, audio-video messaging, and more.

Medical Appointment

For private clinics, hospitals, and individual practitioners, automate patient appointments, secure payment choices, an integrated calendar, and push notifications.

Medical Chabot

Virtual support, patient engagement, reminders, patient outreach, billing, and registration to lighten the load on front-line healthcare employees.

Lab App

Control patient appointments, receive push notifications, collect samples, email recipients, view and share lab results, and more.

Redefine Healthcare Services With Our Solutions

Hospital Management App

Get cost-effective, dependable, and impressive hospital management app solutions like patient administration systems, booking management systems, and operation theatre management systems, and monitor and automate hospital activities.

Medical Apps

Boost your operational tasks, including data security, quick response, women's health & fitness, cloud storage, and disease-specific reminders for medications.

Wellness Apps

Our solutions cover food and nutrition, lifestyle & stress management, and fitness apps. Utilize cutting-edge technologies and programming tools to create a custom appearance and feel with features like Google fir, web forums, and health kit.

Health Monitoring Apps

The user's health can be tracked by monitoring things like heart rate, blood pressure,  and more. a user-friendly interface, wearable settings, and health monitoring.

Clinic Apps

Simple doctor's appointment with online scheduling through a smartphone app. such as patient monitoring, rapid report generating, and payment administration.