Data Analytics

Data Science & Analytics Services We Offer

The secret to success is getting the most value out of data, and ARTMAC does just that with its wide range of services.

Analytics Consulting

In order to help you turn data into actionable information, ensure operational excellence, and give you a competitive edge, ARTMAC offers expert analytics consulting services. Your business challenges can be resolved in weeks with the assistance of our strategic data analytics consultants, who have deep domain expertise across the entire data stack.

Data Warehousing

Whether your data warehouse is on-premises or in the cloud, our expertise can help you get your data where it needs to be. In order to create a custom data warehouse with a strong data model, BI framework, smart database and data integration architecture that allows for quicker decision-making and competitive advantage, we evaluate your business needs.

Big Data

From advising and implementation to support and maintenance of the infrastructure, we provide a full spectrum of big data services. Our specialists are proficient in all cutting-edge big data methods and can help you uncover valuable information from untapped structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sets.

Data Visualization

In order to create intuitive and interactive dashboards that help you comprehend your data in new ways, our data visualization consultants and professionals understand your business needs, KPIs, and business drivers. Our data visualization services turn complicated statistics into eye-catching images that make it easier for you to see trends and compare the performance of different products.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Our selection of business intelligence (BI) products is intended to assist your company in creating a risk-reduction and growth-enabling strategy. You can better grasp the important indicators pertaining to your operations and procedures with the assistance of our business intelligence service professionals.

Supply Chain Analytics

Your supply chain can be optimized with the aid of our supply chain analytics services, which will raise your profits and lower your expenses. Our knowledgeable experts use the entire complement of supply chain data analytics technologies and implement specially designed solutions to address the supply chain issues unique to your company.