Recruitment Process

How to Join Us

We are constantly seeking new teammates to join us in advancing the solution as we work to build a more sustainable future. We make an effort to make the hiring process a satisfying and professional experience for everyone involved, regardless of the result. In an effort to better prepare you and provide you with all the necessary information, we have outlined the various steps in our recruitment process below.

Please be aware that the procedure described below is merely an example. Depending on the position type, there may be variations.

Our Recruitment Process

Find the ideal match for you
You are probably able to match your talents and interests with one of the many roles that ARTMAC offers. You can search through our job vacancies to find the perfect fit. What you were seeking for did you not find? By signing up, you may upload your resume and get alerts when new positions become available.
Once you have identified the ideal fit, you should customize your CV and cover letter to the job posting. By selecting "Apply now" on the job ad, you can submit your resume and cover letter to our online hiring system. You can find all of our open positions here. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you supplied once your application has been submitted. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the confirmation email shortly after registering. Please mark the confirmation email as "Not spam" if it has been delivered to your spam folder. This should allow any subsequent messages to be sent directly to your inbox.
Following the application deadline, the hiring manager works with the recruitment team to screen and shortlist each applicant. The group may decide to use the phone for screening interviews. If so, the sourcer or the recruiter will handle this. We will invite you to participate in an interview, either in person or online, if we determine that your profile is a good fit for the position. We promptly inform all of our applicants of the results of their applications. We will inform you if your name is not on the list of candidates who will move on.
If you receive an invitation to an interview, it signifies that we are impressed with your resume and believe you would be a good fit for the job. We value your feedback regarding the interview process. Therefore, the interview usually includes an introduction to ARTMAC as well as in-depth insights into the potential function and department you are interviewing for in order to make sure you are given all the information you need. We hope to learn more about one other throughout the interview, both in terms of our professional abilities and personality attributes. The remaining candidates will be informed as soon as we have made the decision on which applicant to hire.
Offer and onboarding
Greetings on your new position! It makes us very happy that you have joined us.
After you accept a job offer, the onboarding procedure begins. We want to welcome you warmly right away and give you the greatest start possible on your new journey.
Your new manager will design an onboarding plan to ensure everything is ready for you to join and send you an email with a link to the onboarding system where you can obtain pertinent information about ARTMAC. We have planned a number of activities for you to participate in on your first day and throughout your first few months at ARTMAC to help you get to know your coworkers, our business, and the ARTMAC culture. Additionally, a buddy will be given to you to help you out during the early stages of your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although technically you are not required to submit a cover letter when applying, doing so is seen as clearly advantageous. You have the opportunity to tell the recruiter more about yourself, your strengths, and your skills in relation to the job by including a cover letter along with your resume.

The qualities of a strong cover letter and CV are dependent on a variety of variables, including the job’s requirements and the nation in which you are applying.

However, when creating your application materials, it’s crucial to remember that your CV and cover letter should accurately reflect the job description in terms of experience, responsibilities, competencies, and language use.

A few general tips: 

  • Make sure your CV and cover letter are complementary. Instead of summarizing your resume, a cover letter should go into greater detail about how you meet the requirements of the position.
  • Don’t tell it; show it. Use actual instances to illustrate how your skills and experience have been applied in different contexts rather than just listing them.
  • Only include information in your CV and cover letter that is pertinent to the position for which you are applying. This enables the use of straightforward, brief, and concise application material.
  • Make sure your resume has clear titles and a good organization. The required information ought to be accessible to the recruiter.
  • To provide a complete and professional picture of yourself, remember to carefully proofread both your resume and cover letter.

There are always openings for applications. You might have other qualities or skills that are appropriate for the position even if you have less or different experience than what is specified in the job posting. If you find a position interesting, we encourage you to apply because passion can also go a long way.