Do you want to give your online store a thorough makeover? The fastest-growing eCommerce web and mobile app development company in India, ARTMAC, is aware of the shifting market trends in the sector and adapts your business ideas into practical solutions. It provides businesses with cutting-edge technology and assists B2B and B2C clients in increasing customer satisfaction, growing their audiences, and increasing sales.

We also provide on-demand technology resources with in-depth understanding of the industry, strong technical abilities, and the ability to create software that is ready for the market using flexible engagement models. We help independent retailers, department stores, wholesalers, grocers, apparel, food delivery, travel booking, cosmetics, and more to take advantage of new opportunities brought by recent changes in consumer behavior and prioritize operations with the help of our eCommerce web mobile app development solutions.

Additionally, it aids in inventory improvement and fostering consumer loyalty. Create your own personalized market. Our flexible eCommerce web and mobile apps are capable of meeting the quick demands of the new market and digitally streamlining every step of retail operation to guarantee business continuity. Whether it’s a start-up or an e-commerce mobile app for your brick-and-mortar store, we have a robust web mobile solution for every business entity. We have simple, intelligent, and smart solutions for all your challenging business needs.

Our team of dedicated and competent eCommerce app developers is very skilled in comprehending your unique requirements and designing, and integrating features into your web and mobile apps so that your customers have a flawless shopping experience. They can develop unique eCommerce applications for desktop, Android, and iOS platforms based on your company’s needs, which will enhance your sales. With a well-functioning website or mobile app, the likelihood of product sales will quickly improve. With the help of our eCommerce app development services, create your own marketplace.

Core Features

Product Search

Quick product discovery, with targeted build up search options.

User Interface

Attractive, neat, and clean user interface for easy app navigation.


Quick checkout to reduce the rate of cart abandonment.


Customers can adapt the app in their own language and use their own currency to make payments.

Shopping Cart

With the aid of the shopping cart, customers can save their chosen products.


Referring to the app wallet is possible in cases of advance payment.


Customers can share their shopping experiences, rate products, and leave feedback.

Secure Payment

Customers can use a variety of payment options to securely pay their bills.

Order Monitoring

The user can monitor the status of their ordered products and discover any delays.

Services We Offer


We provide advice on backend automation, application migration, and technological framework assessment.

Custom App

Development of dynamic, user-friendly custom websites and mobile applications with eye-catching features.

Online Order

Retail customers' online orders should be made simpler, and inventory should be coordinated across all delivery methods.


It enables retailers to view online inventory on their own website or on an online marketplace.

Supply Chain

Demand planning, purchasing, production, logistics, and delivery processes are all streamlined.

Ecommerce Solution

Online Grocery

An organized shopping app that raises the profile of your grocery store.

Health Care

Bring all of your different drug and healthcare stores under one e-commerce app.

Online Business

Use an online product selling app to sell various products from various categories and types.

Electronic Products

Improve your business by using an app to display future electronic equipment in your stores.

Furniture Store

Using an online ecommerce app, showcase all of your furniture at once.