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Do you want to give your online store a thorough makeover? The fastest-growing eCommerce web and mobile app development company in India, ARTMAC, is aware of the shifting market trends in the sector and adapts your business ideas into practical solutions. It provides businesses with cutting-edge technology and assists B2C and B2B clients in increasing customer happiness, growing their audiences, and increasing sales.

Do you want to improve media operations’ performance, add new channels, employ advanced analytics to personalize data, modernize user experience, and promote audience engagement? The best method to address the expanding demand for digital entertainment is to create mobile apps and websites, which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. In order to digitalize entertainment, one of the top online mobile app development companies in Australia and India, ARTMAC, has created websites and applications for the purpose.

We create a variety of entertainment apps, including music and games. We have worked on a variety of projects, including messengers, video-recording tools, social networks, music apps, and entertainment portals. Our solutions assist businesses in incorporating their audio, video, and live-streaming content into apps. We have added services like streaming and video chats. For our clients, we are passionate about developing a brand-new entertainment app that stands out in the marketplace.


Nearly every sector of the industry can benefit from our innovative and goal-oriented media and entertainment mobile app development services. Through our app development, we collaborate directly with brands, start-ups, and businesses to innovate digital strategies. Our knowledgeable and skilled tech team understands user preferences and needs, and they use cutting-edge tools and technologies to create stunning web and mobile apps. As a result, you’ll have access to the best entertainment app available. We offer a complete on-demand solution with a combination of cutting-edge features and elements for streaming video, music, games, and sports apps. We assist you in effectively managing and overcoming any difficulties related to the media and entertainment sector. Get every digital innovation onto a single platform to improve the user experience. Since there are no restrictions on languages or platforms, our customers can use our services without any difficulty wherever they are. In order to give users an indulgent and memorable experience, we design and develop the app in a way that keeps them entertained and engaged and encourages them to recommend our services to other customers.

Special Features

Live Content Feed

Upload captivating and interactive live content.

Live To Stream

streaming of live audio and video in high quality and on time.

Photos/Video Sharing

We provide video sharing and photo editing.

Push Notification

To maintain consumers' interest in the app.


For the users, interactive and creative gaming.

Social Media Integration

Improve user experience by integrating social media.

Geo Sharing

Geo-based functionality for sharing location.


Transferring and receiving professional portfolios.

In-app Purchases

With our expert's assistance, add in-app purchases to your app.

Our Wide Range Of Solutions

Gaming app

It is a synthesis of numerous skills and a merger of artistry, technology, and imaginative concepts that are illustrative, compelling, and potent.

Video App

Get apps that stream videos that convey contemporary information and messages to support your brand.

Aggregation App

To offer any business owner an exciting content marketing opportunity, we develop a content aggregator app.

Movie App

To provide an exciting content marketing possibility for any business owner, we develop a content aggregator app.

Editing App

Get a photo editing and sharing app that is incredibly contemporary, striking, aesthetically relevant, bright, easy, and attractive.

Music App

For music lovers, we assist in creating innovative and feature-rich live music streaming apps.