Do you want to move to a new CRM platform, develop a custom solution, or need help with CRM diagnostics or upgrading and optimizing your current CRM software? Our team will help!

Professional CRM Consulting Services

ARTMAC is among the top CRM consulting companies. Our team of certified Salesforce and Dynamics CRM consultants help businesses to select and implement best-fit CRM software (customer relationship management systems) for their particular industry and situation.

We also develop custom CRM systems and apps and optimize your existing CRM solutions in order to drive your CRM adoption and team productivity.

Professional CRM Consulting Services

Need Help in Selecting a New CRM?

We’ll assist with collecting business needs for CRM, platform selection, outlining the pros and cons of available CRM systems, and comparing them to custom CRM development. Next, we’ll implement or develop a CRM just for you, orchestrate CRM data cleanup and migration, and train your team. All is done by us!

Want to Improve Your Current CRM?

Our CRM consulting company will help with tasks of any complexity! We assist with CRM diagnostics, CRM gap analysis and optimization, upgrades to the latest version of CRM, configuration, system integration, data transformation and migration, CRM administration, and support.

Have an Idea of a Custom CRM Solution?

If current custom relationship management CRM offerings on the market can’t fully meet your needs, we will develop your custom CRM solution using the best practices of available CRM systems and our expertise in building and marketing our own custom CRM and software products as well as avoiding common CRM issues.

Our CRM Services Include:

CRM Strategizing & Roadmapping

CRM solution assessment and selection based on business needs, especially while considering usability, impact on system performance, maintainability and availability of data to be effectively searched, reported against, CRM gaps analysis, a detailed plan of your CRM optimization, data strategy, and CRM adoption.

CRM Implementation Services

Our CRM consultants will help you get your selected CRM up and running. We’ll perform all required customizations and configurations. If needed, we’ll help consolidate and clean your data before importing it to the new system. We’ll also coach your team and make sure they know how to use the new tools. Our Admins can support your system after launch.

CRM Customization and Configuration

Your business is unique and we’ll help you customize and take full advantage of your Salesforce or Dynamics 365. While these systems have robust functionality, they don’t take into account the needs of certain businesses. We’ll create custom objects, new interfaces, plugins, form scripts, workflows and business processes, dashboards, and reports. All you need!

Data Migration and Transformation

Up-to-date and clean data can skyrocket your business performance. We’ll help you clean and transform your data and will import it to your system. Also, we’ll help you to define the best ways to track important information and will help simplify this process for your team.

CRM Integration Services

Using multiple disconnected systems may cause excess work along with, inaccurate, or outdated data. We’ll help you integrate your CRM with other software and apps. Our CRM technical consultants will also aid in syndicating several disparate CRM systems into one platform.

Sales and Marketing Automation Services

We’ll help your sales, marketing, customer support and other teams reduce inefficiencies and automate their daily activities. Furthermore, you can track all essential data, and will be able to spot insights and trends to optimize your sales and other processes.

Custom CRM Development

Do you want to create your CRM and get rid of licensing costs or, perhaps, need custom functionality? We are here to help! We develop custom CRMs, cloud applications, cloud services, web, Windows and mobile apps.

CRM Support and Administration

Our CRM Concierge services team will guide you through all the necessary system upgrades and updates, troubleshooting, and maintenance. We also will aid you with CRM training to ensure better user adoption.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top reasons why you may need consulting services:

  • You have low lead flow, lead conversion rates, sales productivity, and customer satisfaction
  • You want to consolidate disparate systems across different departments and regions to streamline data exchange
  • You don’t know which CRM system will better align with your corporate requirements
  • You and your team don’t have enough knowledge, technical skills and resources to set up your CRM solution
  • You feel that you don’t use your CRM tools at their full potential
  • Your platform doesn’t completely meet your business needs
  • You have operational issues with your CRM solution
  • You want to improve collaboration and data flow among your teams

Our CRM consulting company will collect your main pain points, requirements, and preferences in regards to the CRM project, identify weaknesses of your corporate processes and suggest the best strategies and technology solutions to eliminate them.

Correct selection and implementation of a CRM system helps you achieve your business goals faster and elevate your process to a more efficient level

Our consultants will advise you on the most suitable solution for your organization, recommend the best CRM implementation and optimization strategies and consult on the best user adoption tactics to ensure that your employees are comfortable with using their CRM system.

Our CRM consultancy will help you avoid the risks of CRM implementation failure like lack of consistent strategy, expertise, and attention to the process details. We will provide the best course of action to ensure its success.

We are truly a customer-centric CRM consultancy and will help you apply the same practices to your CRM project so that you could get a 360- degree view of your customer and keep up with all of the market changes.

Our team will optimize your CRM tools to solve the most common business challenges like low sales pipeline visibility, low data quality because of system disintegration, poor team collaboration, etc.

Our team provides a broad scope of CRM services like a system health check and audit for possible flows and improvements, and rollout consulting to custom CRM development.

ARTMAC specializes in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consulting, AppExchange app development, and development of custom software solutions.

Regardless of your CRM implementation phase, we are ready to offer our help on any stage: new implementation, re-implementation, recovery & optimization, migration from any CRM to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or custom CRM software. We can do it all and even more. Just contact our team and tell us about your project.