Technology Innovative


Innovative thinking that puts current technology to work for your company.

The effectiveness of any technology depends on your ability to use it. At ARTMAC, we prioritize cutting-edge technological solutions that are effective and simple to use. Our technology innovation services make use of cutting-edge tech stacks to deliver market-leading digital tools that can assist clients with data collection, storage, analysis, and management, workflow automation, productivity improvement, cost reduction, support for a mobile workforce, and much more.

Our technology innovation services include:

System Architecture

In order to create a conceptual model of what your system will look like and how it will operate, our architects will carefully collaborate with you to define the purpose, objectives, and structure of your digital environment. This extensive model may incorporate end-user specifications, the technical foundation of the system, contemporary design patterns, the deployment strategy, the integration platform, cutting-edge queue messaging platforms, high-speed data ingestion, and more. The outcome is a system that is effective, scalable, and accessible to your users at all times.

Micro services

Your system's service architecture has a big impact on everything, from how it functions to how it will develop and make use of new technologies. You can utilize microservices to address problems according to a business domain or function with smaller, more specialized solutions. In order to give a more adaptable, diverse, and unique solution to a particular problem or collection of problems, this simpler, more scalable technique introduces a specific function or functions into your IT ecosystem while avoiding a lot of unneeded coding.

Intelligent Applications

There are situations when conventional software falls short in a given situation. In order to design apps that accomplish everything from choosing the optimal workflow to incorporating predictive analytics that use data to enable better decision-making, we leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Internet Of Things

The operation of our utility, transportation, manufacturing, and security systems, as well as the remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment performance and a myriad of other crucial tasks involving machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, are now all dependent on linked gadgets. Our IoT specialists are aware of how these interconnected parts must work together to guarantee security, dependability, and efficiency. They have experience creating the platforms to manage the devices and data as well as the low-power, reliable, and resilient apps required for M2M capability in a variety of contexts.

Block Chain

Many sectors and organizations are fast changing their approaches to data management, storage, and security as a result of blockchain technology. For transactional activities like sales tracking, financial record-keeping, and inventory management, our technical team is adept at creating blockchain-based software with a high degree of openness and integrity.